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Automobile Safety

Sources: American Red Cross, Edmunds, Insurance Information Institute, Meinke, AAA


( Here you can find a database of automobile-related safety articles. Read up on topics including teen drivers, crash tests, airbags, and tire safety.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Traffic Safety
( Browse articles and tips on several different safety topics from aggressive driving to child safety seats to how to talk to older drivers about giving up the keys.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety – Safety Issues
( Read up on safety issues such as safety belts, truck safety, rollovers, speeding, and impaired driving, and bone up on your facts on these topics by clicking on some of this sites’ many facts sheets.

KidsHealth for Parents – Auto Safety
( Learn all about child safety seats. Find out what type of child safety seat is best for your child, as well as tips on how to make sure the seat and your child are properly secured.

Boating Safety

Sources: BoatUS Foundation, American Waterways Operators Foundation, United States Coast Guard Boating Safety website, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety
( This website offers links to safety tips as well as publications and brochures to print. This site even allows you to take courses in boating safety.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
( The DNR offers boating safety courses as well as tips on safety, theft prevention, and life jackets information for adults and children.

National Safe Boating Council
( Training opportunities, Safe Boating courses, Life jacket testimonials, and more can be found on this website. You can even sign up to become a member of the council.


Sources: OSHA, National Safety Council, National Ag Safety Database


National Safety Council
( On this site you can find safety tips for numerous farm-related tasks and equipment, some of which include falls, farm shop safety, chemical safety, livestock safety, and equipment and tool safety.

Oklahoma State University Environmental Health & Safety Online Safety Library
( Provides links to databases and individual articles that discuss farm safety issues.

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
( Thousands of kids are injured and killed on farm each year. This website gives tips on how to keep kids safe, as well as fun activities for kids.

Home Safety

Sources: HUD, ADT Home Security, Home Safety Services, Home Safety Council

Home Safety Council ( Click on the Safety Guide tab to find home safety tip on topics such as airway obstruction, fire, flood, home improvements, playgrounds, security, storms, windows, and winter preparation among others.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ( Make sure your home is health for children. HUD breaks down safety tips by room and for all living areas in your home.

ADT Home Security ( See how at risk you are for having your home burglarized by taking ADT’s safety quiz. And check out safety tips to keep yourself from becoming a victim.

Home Safety Services ( Register for home safety seminars, ask the Safety Guy questions, or brush up on your home baby proofing skills. The Home Safety Services website also provides a home safety checklist under the site’s “Resources” tab.

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